Anna Sew Hoy, Slow Moon’s Rose – Photo credit: John von Pamer

In Good Company

Union is the meeting of the hearts, souls, and hands that gather people together for a ritual as old as time – to eat and drink.

With food as our art form and community as our canvas, we strive to fuse flavors and cultivate experiences that both honor and reimagine, in order to continuously enrich the lives of all of our guests in fellowship and fare.

When you bring multiple parts together, something profoundly memorable occurs at their place of union. We hope to meet you there.

From Chef Eugene Santiago

Chef Eugene Santiago is a passionate and talented culinary artist who takes pride in his cultural heritage and in creating community. As a first-generation Filipino American and a proud Long Beach local, Eugene is dedicated to using locally sourced produce in his cooking and combining the flavors and spices of Southeast Asia to create unique and delicious dishes that celebrate culture through cuisine. 

As the CEO and Executive Chef of Baryo, Eugene is committed to bringing people together through cuisine. 

“At the core of Baryo, we’re all about building a vibrant and inclusive community through the art of cuisine, celebrating the richness of various cultures. Our mission is rooted in our personal experiences and upbringing, serving as a platform to share our vision,” said Baryo’s Chef Eugene Santiago. “We’re excited to partner with Compound to amplify our mission of building community and celebrating all cultures through cuisine at Union.”

Located in the heart of Zaferia, Long Beach

Union @ Compound is located in the heart of the Zaferia district of Long Beach. We welcome local residents, regulars, and visitors to sit down with us and experience our neighborhood that is thriving with cultural diversity and vigor.

Compound operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and for profit institution. Through the generous support of donors and funding through grants, Compound’s nonprofit endeavors make available free and affordably to the community, contemporary art exhibitions and immersive experiences, and programs and events such as talks, wellness classes and workshops, community markets, and youth programs.

The restaurant and bar Union @ Compound supports and extends Compound’s mission of bringing together community.

Compound aspires to be an accessible, community-oriented “third place” promoting connection, belonging, curiosity and growth.

Please visit to learn more.

Union @ Compound is located on the corner of East 14th Street and Coronado Avenue.

Union @ Compound Address
1395 Coronado Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90804

Parking is available at our nearby parking structure located at 1326 Obispo Avenue. The parking fee is $5 with validation at Compound or Union @ Compound. Ride sharing is also strongly encouraged.

We recognize that Compound is on Tongva, Kizh, and Chumash land, and we honor and extend our gratitude to these and many other indigenous groups who call these grounds home.